Shards of Glass
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  • "A refreshing twist on vampires, werewolves and elves (oh my!)"
How do you identify someone without an identity?
  • Format: ePublished Novel
  • Genre: Supernatural/Sci-fi Mystery

Ever feel a little... different? Maybe you are and don't know it yet. You could be an Alter, a creature of legend lost in the gene-pool until recently. Law enforcement has become a little difficult because of people like you, especially when the killer can literally be anyone they want to be.

Nathaniel Leone is an agent with the people meant to keep the peace between the Alters and everyday Humans: the ACTF. He grew up knowing the Alters exist and watching the world around him change. Now he spends his life surrounded by Alters, being part of their world, even trying to woo a beautiful Alter girl... badly.

But on his first case as a full-fledged Agent he finds evidence that things are about to get messy again. A new drug ring has started in the city, bringing back a drug tailor made for this new breed of people. But as he closes in on them he finds that things aren't as simple as they appear.

With a suspect that leaves no fingerprints, conflicting eye witness accounts and details that don't add up... who can be trusted? And, worse, when people start turning up dead... who's next?